The Woodvale Podiatrist is a podiatry practice located in Perth’s northern suburb of Woodvale. We are committed to providing high quality foot and lower limb solutions for the whole family, no matter what your goal or problem is. Simple or complex we’re happy to assist.

We understand that everyone is different and tailor our treatment plans to suit the individual. Most importantly, we take the time to listen to you and work with you in overcoming your issue or achieving your goals.

Meet the team

Lauren Merritt, Senior Podiatrist

Hi, I’m Lauren! I graduated from Curtin University’s Podiatry program in 2004 as a member of the Vice Chancellor’s List, and have been working in private practice ever since. I enjoy and I am experienced in many aspects of podiatry, including skin and nail problems, diabetic care, wound care, biomechanics and orthoses. I also love the opportunity to introduce new technology into my practice and was very keen to join the team at The Woodvale Podiatry to be able to incorporate cutting edge technologies like shockwave therapy and SWIFT wart treatments into my patient care plans.

I developed an interest in podiatry through my own experiences as a dancer- I started doing jazz, ballet, tap and acrobatics at the age of 3, and then moved into Latin American dancing as a young adult and performed at many events around Western Australia. I continued to dance in a semi-professional capacity until I fell pregnant with my first child. I’ve now got two gorgeous primary school aged kids, a girl and a boy, and make do with dancing around the living room with them! Podiatry has proven to be a very family friendly job, and allows me to be present for much of their school and social lives and share the work-parenting load with my husband.

Podiatry is definitely not a job for everyone- but I’ve always enjoyed that most clients will leave the clinic feeling better and happier than they arrived! I’m looking forward to meeting new and existing clients of The Woodvale Podiatrist and helping them fix their feet.

Evelyn Cowan, Senior Podiatrist

Over the course of more than a decade, I have cultivated a rich expertise as a specialist podiatrist, firmly anchored by my educational pursuits in Health Science & Physiology, Podiatric Medicine with further post-graduate degrees in Clinical Education and Sports Medicine.
 These foundations have not only been theoretical — I have been fortunate to apply and refine them in diverse clinical settings spanning from the verdant landscapes of New Zealand, the rigorous healthcare environment and National Health Service in the UK, to the unique medical challenges of the Middle East.
 Throughout my professional tenure, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with world-renowned sports teams, as well as extending specialised care to individual elite athletes, such as a notable professional boxers.
While my earlier years were dedicated to the commendable mission of the NHS, focusing on high-risk diabetes care, it became apparent that my deepest passion resided at the intersection of sports injury management and running re-training. My dedication to this profession is not merely rooted in past experiences. I ardently believe in the value of continuous learning and actively keep abreast with the latest best practices, ensuring that my patients receive care that is both cutting-edge and deeply compassionate. In an ever-evolving medical landscape, my commitment is unwavering: to offer unparalleled podiatric care, guided by evidence-based practice and a genuine passion for enriching the lives of those I serve.

In my spare time I enjoy Cross fit and Trail running but most of all  exploring beautiful Western Australia with my Husband and little boy.

Chloe Wear, Principal Podiatrist

I graduated with honours from The University of Huddersfield (UK) in 2006 and quickly gained varied experience in all aspects of podiatry whilst working in the public sector (NHS). My favourite area was working with the podiatric surgery team performing nail surgery procedures and to this day this is probably one of the most satisfying parts of my job. The pain from an ingrown toenail can be immense and I love being able to give permanent solutions.

In 2008, I emigrated with my husband to Australia and worked in private practice settings across Queensland including Brisbane, Bundaberg and Mount Isa. This provided exposure to a wide range of clinical conditions and situations. I was influential in providing podiatry services to the Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane event and gained great experience in blister prevention and treatment. This led to a clinical interest in hiking and trail running.

Outside of podiatry, I have a love of travelling, football (soccer), food and keeping active. I combined all of these with a trip to South America in 2014 to watch the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. I also hiked the Inca Trail in Peru amongst many other experiences in Chile and Bolivia as well.

On my return, I landed in Perth where I have continued to work in private practice alongside starting a family – I now have 2 young children who continue to keep me active and entertained. This has also led to a greater interest in children’s podiatry.

I always knew one day I wanted to own my own practice and that opportunity came in early 2018 when The Woodvale Podiatrist was created. COVID-19 may have restricted overseas travel but I couldn’t think of a better place to be than the isolated city of Perth and providing the opportunity to explore Western Australia more. I also feel fortunate that throughout this time I have been able to continue helping others relieve their foot pain.

WHY PODIATRY? A question I am asked frequently!

I have wanted to be a Podiatrist since I was 13, I find feet fascinating as they have to be one of the most complex structures in the body, they play an important role in your function and everyday life but are often neglected. I love being able to make a big impact in a short space of time, in as little as 20 minutes I can change someone’s pain significantly.

Administration Team

Donna Fletcher – Administration Assistant

Jane Hodgson – Administration Assistant