The effective new non invasive treatment for ingrown toenails now available in Woodvale to help those in Perth’s northern suburbs.

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a painless nail correction system for involuted and ingrown toenails which is achieving fantastic results and eliminating the need for surgery in some cases.

Onyfix is a composite that is applied to the nail and cured with an LED light. Whilst the nail grows naturally the onyfix reshapes the nail and relieves your symptoms. Think of it like your nail is now on rails to prevent the curve and pressure.

Our podiatrists will expertly shape the Onyfix painlessly to your nail

Onyfix Benefits

  • Pain-free treatment
  • Rapid pain reduction
  • Corrects the nail through physiological nail growth
  • Effective without exerting force on the nail
  • Combinable and individually adaptable system
  • No anaesthetic required
  • Suitable for those with diabetes
  • No restrictions on activities (incl. swimming/sauna) after the first 24 hours
  • Nail polish can still be used (excluding shellac/gel)

Onyfix is a great option for all but especially those who may not be suitable for surgery such as those with needle phobia, vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy or diabetic complications, pregnancy/breastfeeding, age.

Are there are contraindications?

No. Onyfix is completely safe, it does not touch the skin and no allergies have been reported.

It is not a nail brace so does not apply torque which can pull on the nail and lead to inflammation. Traditional nail braces can be bulky and cause discomfort in their application and in enclosed shoes. Onyfix is completely painless.

How many treatments may be needed?

The initial application of Onyfix can last for 3 months. Typically it can take 30 weeks for the nail to grow from the base to the top therefore on average 2-6 applications of Onyfix are required. Each individual will vary and sometimes an additional strip may be applied at the same time. Your podiatrist will create an individual treatment plan at the start of your Onyfix journey

Once the nail has grown out and symptoms have resolved the onyfix is painlessly taken off the nail.

Is it a permanent solution?

Providing there is no trauma to the nail and any contributing biomechanical or footwear factors have been addressed then the nail will remain in it’s new shape.

Are there any situations where Onyfix is not suitable?

Some nail types are not suitable for Onyfix and your podiatrist will assess this prior to application. If the nail is very detached from the base, if its a very wide and flat nail (Onyfix works best on curved nails), fungal infection where 50% or more of the nail is affected and any suspicious lesions beneath the nail would all contraindicate Onyfix application. Our podiatrists are the best equipped to assess your nail and if it is suitable for Onyfix application in Woodvale.

If you have been delaying treatment on your ingrown toenails for fear of the pain book an appointment today to see how Onyfix can help you