Do you have pain in the ball of your foot?

Does it hurt to bend your toes?

Are your toes spread or deformed?

Forefoot pain can include bursitis, plantar plate tear/rupture, capsulitis, mortons neuromas

What causes forefoot pain?

  • The following things can attribute to forefoot pain and often it is a combination of factors –
    • Tight footwear or high heeled shoes
    • Poor foot alignment and function including flat feet, high arches and bunions
    • Poor foot strength and/or mobility
    • Trauma
    • Walking barefoot on hard surfaces
    • Excessive use of thongs or unsupportive footwear

What can I do to treat forefoot pain?

  • Treatment is varied depending on the cause and is best discussed post assessment with your podiatrist but can include –
    • Foot mobilisation
    • Dry needling/trigger point therapy/soft tissue release
    • Low level laser therapy
    • Footwear changes
    • Padding and strapping to offload
    • Functional foot orthotics
    • Strengthening and/or stretching exercises
    • Toe separators
  • If the above methods are not working successfully enough then the following may be considered –
    • Injection therapy including cortisone
    • Surgery