With increased use of sandals and thongs over these hot summer months you might be noticing your feet have become very dry, hard and cracked. We can save you the google search and let you know what you can do about calluses (hard skin) and fissures (cracks) in the feet.

As well as being unsightly, calluses, corns and fissures can be painful. While the callus is hardened, dead skin without any nerve or blood supply, it can increase the pressure on the joints and soft tissues under the skin. Regular use of a good moisturiser will help to improve comfort but will not remove the calluses or heal splits in the skin.

Trained podiatrists however, can safely remove the dead skin in a professional environment. We use sterilised equipment and following strict infection control procedures. This means that it is safe and recommended for diabetics, people with poor circulation, or immunocompromised people who need assistance with nail and skin care. These individuals are more at risk of infection when attending nail salons or attempting to self treat their feet at home.

At The Woodvale Podiatrist we refer to this appointment type as a ‘skin and nail consultation’, but a term becoming more frequently used is ‘medical pedicure’. During this consultation, your podiatrist will conduct an overall assessment of your foot health, being sure to ask about any health conditions or medications which may impact the condition of your feet. You’ll be able to point out any particular areas that you have concerns about, and the podiatrist can discuss factors which have contributed to this problem. Nails will be cut and filed, and nail folds cleared of any debris. If you have a painful toenail or tendency to ingrowing nails, this will be addressed. Callus and cracks will be safely removed using professional equipment. Corns can also be safely removed. We won’t apply polish to the nails as would happen in a cosmetic pedicure, but we do stock a range of nail-friendly, non toxic, Dr.’s Remedy polishes (read about them here) which you can apply at home.

Following your treatment, your podiatrist will recommend a personalised treatment plan to maintain and improve your overall foot health and comfort. Regular use of a pumice stone and moisturiser will help keep your skin in better shape. Most people will also benefit from ongoing podiatry care. Come to see us in our Woodvale clinic and treat your feet!