Testing kit for diagnosis of fungal nails

Do you have discoloured or thickened, unsightly nails and wondering if you have a fungal infection?

Fungi can easily live on many surfaces and there are harmless fungi that live on our skin. It can be easy for these to multiply and cause an infection, either in the nail or skin.

Studies have shown that the foot is the most common area to have various types of fungus inhabiting. Fungi love warm, dark, moist environments therefore shoes, especially sports shoes and work boots, often are a great breeding ground. Prolonged use of nail polish can also lead to the required dark environments for fungus to harbour. Nail spa’s and foot baths are another common breeding ground.

Nail fungus is often caused by ‘dermatophytes’, which are fungi found growing on skin, hair, nails and other bodily surfaces. The nail will thicken and often crumble with a yellow/brown discolouration.

However there are other causes of nail thickening and discolouration such as reduced peripheral circulation, trauma, nail lifting, and the effects of chemotherapy and other medications.

So how do you know when your nail has a fungal infection?

Previously laboratory testing of fungal nails would take 4-6 weeks for results to return and they are notorious for producing negative results. This could often be due to a poor sample.

Seeing an experienced podiatrist such as Nicola, will ensure that the correct sample is taken and we can now also test within clinic with the Diafactory nail testing kits. These are ideal for when there is uncertainty over a nails appearance.

Fungal Nail Infection

What is Diafactory?

  • Diafactory requires a small sample of your nail tissue to be examined in a special solution and a test strip inserted to check for dermatophytes.
  • A diagnosis can be made within 5 minutes and allow for the correct treatment to be advised.
  • 97% accuracy
  • Results unaffected by topical or oral anti-fungal treatments
  • Detects 99% of all common dermatophytes
  • No need to send a sample away and await results – saving you time and money. Treatment can also commence immediately with effective advice from our experienced podiatrists.

Our clinic in Woodvale is now offering this service and Nicola would love to see you to give you the best advice and treatment plan

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