Pioneering treatment now available in Woodvale helping those in Perth’s northern suburbs

What is Swift®?

Swift® Microwave Therapy is a new treatment for treating warts. It is a highly effective (83% resolution) medical microwave technology. It works by creating friction and thermal energy (heat shock) in the cells to prompt the body’s immune response to recognise the infection and fight the virus. Treated tissue is quickly repaired, replaced and regenerated.

It has had great success in the UK where it was created by leading dermatologists and podiatrists and is now available in Australia.

Swift – the optimal treatment for your warts/verrucae in Perth

How does Swift® work?

A probe is applied to the lesion for a short time (depends on size of lesion) with treatment often taking less than a minute. The precise probe ensures only the wart is treated and the rapid heating to 42-45 degrees is only a few degrees warmer than a hot bath and will not cause serious tissue damage or scarring.

What are the advantages?

No anaesthetic or needles are needed, no dressings are required post treatment, no self care and minimal debridement. Traditional treatment methods such as acid treatments often require extensive debridement which can be painful and the use of bulky dressings which must be kept dry. Pain relief from the wart can occur immediately after treatment and you can go back to your normal daily activities with no downtime.

Is it painful?

Treatment itself can provide some discomfort similar to a scratch or injection but it lasts for a very short time. Post treatment pain is rarely reported, at the worst a bruised feeling may be felt.

How many treatments may be needed?

Generally, 3 treatments are recommended at monthly intervals. It may be fortnightly and occasionally more may be needed depending on the lesion and your body’s response. Immunocompromised patients may not respond as quickly or successfully but your Podiatrist can discuss this with you.

Are Microwaves safe?

Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, which means they cannot cause damage to the DNA of living cells. Swift® uses low energy levels that only vibrate the water molecules within the cells.

How successful is it?

This technique has a resolution rate of 83% and is quickly becoming the preferred method of successfully treating plantar warts.

Pre Swift Treatment
Post swift treatment

Unsure if your lesion is a wart?

Contact us via email and we can assist in the diagnosis.

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