ACE Luxe30 Foot balm cream

Every day we see people with dry or cracked skin on their feet. Left for too long and those cracks can become painful or even worse infected. So how do you combat it?

My number one tip is to apply cream regularly, in most cases this means every single day. Most people I talk to will moisturise their face or body daily, but the feet are often neglected.

You could use the same cream you use on your body but as the skin on the feet is thicker it often needs a specific foot balm. Here at The Woodvale Podiatrist we love two Australian made and podiatrist designed creams – ACE Luxe 30 and Restorate.

Both foot balms contain Urea which is the key ingredient to keeping your feet soft and hydrated and is used to treat various skin conditions.

ACE Luxe 30 contains a huge 30% urea and has coconut oil which not only smells great but quickly seeps in to the skin to provide the hydration it requires. It is non greasy, all natural (no parabens, artificial colours, phthalates, or petroleum) and due to high quality ingredients only needs a small amount to be effective. It is made in Bryon bay and cruelty free.

Restorate is made locally here in WA and contains urea plus peppermint and tea tree oils to also make it a non greasy, great smelling and effective cream. Restorate also have an intensive foot spray for those who find it harder to rub cream in to their feet or just want a quick and effective solution.

All products are available to purchase in our Woodvale clinic. You don’t need an appointment to buy but if you’ve neglected your feet for too long it may be good to get a medical pedicure and eliminate those calluses and corns before you start your new daily foot balm regime.

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The Woodvale Podiatrist

Have you been using a foot cream regularly, but your skin isn’t improving? Look out for our next blog on when a foot balm is not the solution.